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TicEduca 2014 – III Congresso Internacional TIC e Educação

Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programing as a motivational tool for teachers:Characterization and evaluation of an e-learning training
The present study was aimed to promote learning and use of motivational tools by teachers. For this, we worked to empower teachers in some existing motivational tools in Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming through e-learning training. All the participants in the study were teachers. A quantitative methodology for collecting and analyzing data obtained through online questionnaires focusing on the level of satisfaction and learning of participants was used.
The results showed that motivational tools are considered relevant for teachers, and may have an important value in the improvement of the teaching process and the personal life of the teacher.


IV Congresso Ibero-Brasileiro de Política e Administração da Educação
VII Congresso Ibero-Brasileiro de Política e Administração da Educação

“Políticas e Práticas de Administração e Avaliação na Educação Ibero-Americana”

Coaching e Programação Neuro-Linguística na Educação: Planificação, implementação e avaliação de uma formação e-learning em ferramentas de motivação para docentes.